ESA CCI Land Cover layer 300m 2015 clipped to the PALE-Blu Extent now available

The ESA CCI Land cover data supercedes previous ESA GLOBCover datasets.  This similar product remains at 300m scale with similar land classes as GLOBCover and can be compared for land cover change.

From the ESA CCI land cover documentation: The CCI-LC project delivers consistent global LC maps at 300 m spatial resolution on an annual basis from 1992 to 2015. The Coordinate Reference System used for the global land cover database is a geographic coordinate system (GCS) based on the World Geodetic System 84 (WGS84) reference ellipsoid.


World Database on Protected Areas Polygon layer clipped to the PALE-Blu extent now available

The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) is the only global database of protected areas. It is a joint effort between IUCN and UNEP, managed by UNEP-WCMC, to compile protected area information for all countries in the world from governments and other authoritative organizations which are referred to as data providers. The WDPA underpins Protected Planet at, where it can be viewed and downloaded and the database is integrated with other relevant information.


PALE-Blu 1km population layer GPWv4 and WorldPop UN adjusted

This population layer provides baseline GPWv4 population values which are replaced with worldPop data where available.  All values are adjusted to UN population figures where possible.  Please consult the excel file included in this download for more detailed information on the data by country.

This is the recommended 1km baseline population layer for the PLE-Blu project.  It is available to everyone who registes on the PALEBlu website.  See the home page for information on how to do this.


New MODIS TFA Products Available

The latest MODIS Temporal Fourier Analysis data is now available to VMERGE partners.  The latest dataset utilised version 5 MODIS data from 2001 to 2015.

As well as our usual long-period TFA product now to 2015.  We have also added two time slices for the periods 2001-02 and 2014-15.  It is hoped that these new products will allow project partners to compare changes over time to vector or host distributions or other alernative applications.


Global Relative Humidity data monthly and annual min, mean and max values

The VMERGE Data Management Team has commissioned a suite of Relative Humidity data derived from WorldClim.  The present baseline data provides RHmin, RHmax and RHmean values for each synoptic month as well with annual summary layers.  Currently the 10km data is available to all on request.  The higher 5km data is currently restricted to the funding partners.


IPCC5 1km Europe projections using Worldclim base available to project partners

*** This dataset is currently available to EDENext Project partners only.  If you are not a partner and would like access to this dataset for research purposes please email with a request explaining how you would like to use this data. ***


Hansen Forest cover change datasets available to project partners

These data have been derived from the Hansen et al Forest cover change datasets (see below for citation, website and source). The original data are provided as 30m resolution 10 degree tiles for presence or absence of Forest loss and forest gain between 2000 and 2013, and for percentage cover in 2000 of trees over 5m high.  The specific definitions are  as follows:


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