ESA GlobCover Version 2.3 2009 300m resolution Land Cover Map

The European Space Agency has produced a new land cover classification map, in collaboration with EEA, FAO, GOFC-GOLD, IGBP, JRC and UNEP using MERIS satellite imagery. The GlobCover Land Cover product is based on ENVISAT MERIS data at full resolution from January 2005 to June 2006.  The legend has about 80 classifications grouped into eight major categories.  
The file is provided in GEOTIFF format and clipped to the EDENext study area  with a legend (Globcover2009_legend.xls), a product description (Globcover2009_ReadMe.pdf)  and an ArcGIS Layer (lyr) file that is linked to the raster values. The assigned colours are somewhat random, and the the lyr is intended to provide a base for assigning colours as deemed appropriate by each user.
Comprehensive explanatory notes of the GlobCover project and products (methods, legend and validation) are summarized in a document named "GLOBCOVER 2009 Products description and validation report"


Location: Datasets can be downloaded from the EDENext Data Archive

Category: Land Cover

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GlobCover Land Cover Classes:

Value    Label

11    Post-flooding or irrigated croplands (or aquatic)
14    Rainfed croplands
20    Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation (grassland/shrubland/forest) (20-50%)
30    Mosaic vegetation (grassland/shrubland/forest) (50-70%) / cropland (20-50%)
40    Closed to open (>15%) broadleaved evergreen or semi-deciduous forest (>5m)
50    Closed (>40%) broadleaved deciduous forest (>5m)
60    Open (15-40%) broadleaved deciduous forest/woodland (>5m)
70    Closed (>40%) needleleaved evergreen forest (>5m)
90    Open (15-40%) needleleaved deciduous or evergreen forest (>5m)
100    Closed to open (>15%) mixed broadleaved and needleleaved forest (>5m)
110    Mosaic forest or shrubland (50-70%) / grassland (20-50%)
120    Mosaic grassland (50-70%) / forest or shrubland (20-50%)
130    Closed to open (>15%) (broadleaved or needleleaved, evergreen or deciduous) shrubland (<5m)
140    Closed to open (>15%) herbaceous vegetation (grassland, savannas or lichens/mosses)
150    Sparse (<15%) vegetation
160    Closed to open (>15%) broadleaved forest regularly flooded (semi-permanently or temporarily) - Fresh or brackish water
170    Closed (>40%) broadleaved forest or shrubland permanently flooded - Saline or brackish water
180    Closed to open (>15%) grassland or woody vegetation on regularly flooded or waterlogged soil - Fresh, brackish or saline water
190    Artificial surfaces and associated areas (Urban areas >50%)
200    Bare areas
210    Water bodies
220    Permanent snow and ice
230    No data (burnt areas, clouds,…)