Current and Projected Climate Data

Climate Image Layers provided by

There are a number of different climatic datasets available for download from the EDENext Data Portal.  This document hopes to detail what datasets are available to you, where they come from, and give you the information you need to use them effectively.

The following datasets are currently available to download from the download category Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical Features.

  • Current Climate Data
    • Worldclim 1km baseline norms 1950-2000
    • CRUCL2 (10') Baseline norms 1961-1990
    • BIOCLIM: WorldClim Bioclimatic variables 2000
  • Future Climate Projections
    • Futureclim 1km climate projections (2035,55,85)
    • BIOCLIM: WorldClim Bioclimatic variables (2000, 20 ,50 ,80)
    • CLIMOND: Bioclimatic Variables (2030 and 2070)  
  • Other Climate Related Datasets (not covered in this document)

More information about all these datasets are available in the document Climate Image Layers provided by which will shortly be available for download as PDF Below.  Or view online using the links below:

  1. Details on current climate data available on
  2. Details on projected future climate data available on
  3. A table outlining file naming conventions for climate data files on


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