2-days Training course on Vector ecology, surveillance, control and identification, 11th-12th Oct 2014, Greece


It is our pleasure to inform you about a Vector Control training course that the European Society for Vector Ecology (E-SOVE)(www.sove.org) in collaboration with the European Mosquitoes Control Association (EMCA) (http://emca-online.eu/) is organizing this coming October 2014 (11th-12th) in Macedonia (Greece).


The course is aiming to give a full practical knowledge on control, surveillance, monitoring and identification of 4 different "groups" of arthropod vectors:


1)     Mosquitoes 2) ticks 3) Culicoides  4) sand flies


You will have the privilege to be in the field with top world expert entomologists on vector control and vector ecology, and benefit of their long term experience to gain all the basic and most updated knowledge on these thematic.


The programme will include a couple of hours lecture introduction on the ecology of the vector in subject, followed by 2 days field work focusing on: breeding  and resting sites localization, setting up traps, evaluation of the best surveillance method and the most effective control method for adults and/or larvae, quantification and identification of specimens collected with adult traps.

One of the aim of the course is also to give updated advices on guidelines, European normative on the use of adulticides and larvicides, GIS and GPS, how to evaluate the efficacy of control treatments and their operational activities.

You will be also had a chance to discuss any specific technical issues during the course with all the trainers.


Each participant can only register for one of the 4 vector subject.

We can only accept maximum 20 people for each vector group.

The registration fees for the whole 2-days course are the following:


200 euros - for SOVE members

290 euros - if not member of the SOVE

100 euros - for students that are SOVE members

150 euros - for students (not SOVE members)


The fee includes: two days full training, all the material for field work, lunches for both the two days and transport to and from the field sites.


Full details of the course programme, trainers and registration are going to be advertised on the SOVE and E-SOVE website where you will also be able to enrol it online.


In the meantime, if you are interested and would like to reserve a place on one of the 4 thematic of the training course, please contact us.


I hope you find this training course an opportunity not only to learn directly on the field with top leaders on vector control, but also as a great opportunity for networking and exchange of knowledge and interests.


We would also like to remind here that, straight after the course (13th-17th of October 2014), the 19th E-SOVE conference will also start in the same place (Thessaloniki - Macedonia) which renders easier for people that are already present for the training course to participate at the conference as well (see the SOVE webpage).


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.


Feel free to circulate among people and/or Institutions that you think might be interested.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards


Eva Veronesi E-SOVE President

Frantisek Rettich EMCA President

Norbert Becker EMCA Executive Director

Major Dhillon SOVE Treasurer Secretary